Season 2 Opener featuring musical guest Kelly McFarling

Kelly McFarling sings “Again”. Nigel Louis Stevenson reads first three stanzas of poem “Toxicology Forum” from his Oxford series. Douglas credits Al Krautter’s The 12 Steps to Natural Gardening and NutraSelf for inspiration. Mr. Ross reads Act 1, Scene 1 of his audio-play, The Keeper’s House. Kelly McFarling sings “Lost Boy”. (Both songs off of Ridgeline album).

Musician credits:

Kelly McFarling – Vocals, Banjo, Acoustic Guitar
Tim Marcus – Pedal Steel, Electric and Acoustic Guitar
Jonathan Kirchner – Bass
Andrew Laubacher – Drums, Percussion
Micah Dubreuil – Hammond Organ, Fender Rhodes
John Elliot – Backing Vocals

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Special thanks for reference to Life of a river village, Dobbs Ferry: a centennial publication/editor, William J. Blanck; text, Peter M. Branch

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