Monthly Archives: February 2018

BookSmart T-shirts, Nigel’s poem, Ardency, Ch. 25 of HARD WATER, David Ramirez

Douglas proffers Shopify address for to get BookSmart T-shirts; Nigel reads his poem, “Oxford, Summer, 2003; Ardency sings “I Saw The End”, Mr. Ross reads ch. 25 of HARD WATER; David Ramirez sings “I’m Not Going Anywhere”.

Nigel’s poem, Partner, Chapter 24 of HARD WATER, Del Water Gap Band

Nigel presents T-shirt scheme on Shopify; Nigel reads “Methusala” from his Philadelphia Series; Partner sings “Creature in the Sun”; Mr. Ross reads Chapter 24 of HARD WATER; Del Water Gap Band sings “Cut the Rope”.

And for a BookSmart T-shirt: