BookSmart T-shirts, Nigel’s poem, Ardency, Ch. 25 of HARD WATER, David Ramirez

Douglas proffers Shopify address for to get BookSmart T-shirts; Nigel reads his poem, “Oxford, Summer, 2003; Ardency sings “I Saw The End”, Mr. Ross reads ch. 25 of HARD WATER; David Ramirez sings “I’m Not Going Anywhere”.

Nigel’s poem, Partner, Chapter 24 of HARD WATER, Del Water Gap Band

Nigel presents T-shirt scheme on Shopify; Nigel reads “Methusala” from his Philadelphia Series; Partner sings “Creature in the Sun”; Mr. Ross reads Chapter 24 of HARD WATER; Del Water Gap Band sings “Cut the Rope”.

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Nigel’s poem, “Goodpain” by Yoke Lore, Chapter 23, “Wild Mercury” by Vandaveer

Nigel reads “I Like It” from his Philadelphia series of poems; Yoke Lore sings “Goodpain”; Mr. Ross reads Chapter 23 from Part III, “It’s Got To Be Sacred” from the novel, HARD WATER; Vandaveer sings “Wild Mercury”.

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Nigel’s Poem, A.S. Fanning, Chapter 22 of HARD WATER, Justin Rutledge

Nigel Louis Stevenson recites “Some Questions”, a poem from his Philadelphia series; A.S. Fanning sings “Never Been Gone”; Mr. Ross reads Chapter 22 of HARD WATER; Justin Rutledge sings “The Great Ascension”.

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Nigel’s poem, music from Ha Ha Tonka and Francis Dunnery, Chapter 21 of HARD WATER

Nigel’s poem, “The School of Philadelphia, or, Schooled in Philadelphia”, “Lessons” by Ha Ha Tonka, Ch 21 of HARD WATER, “The Way Things Are” by Francis Dunnery.

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Spencer Burton, Jack Hayter, and Ch 20 of HARD WATER

Spencer Burton sings “Unmistakable Love”, Jack Hayter sings “A Blind Man’s Fog”, and Mr. Ross reads Chapter 20 of HARD WATER.

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Futurebirds, Nigel’s poem, Chapters 18 and 19, The Mick Mahoney Band

The Futurebirds perform “Under Your Spell”, a song that was originally written and performed by a band called Desire.Nigel reads “Nora”, the final in his series of “Pigeon Poems”. Mr. Ross reads 18 and 19 of HARD WATER. The Mick Mahoney Band performs “The Innocent and True”.

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Nigel’s Pigeon poem, Chapter 17 of HARD WATER, “July Rain” by Ten Fe

Douglas ponders the phrase, “mid-Heaven”, Nigel Louis Stevenson recites his poem, “Nora and Xiomara”, Mr. Ross reads Chapter 17 of HARD WATER, and Ten Fe performs “July Rain”.

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Nigel’s poem, Chapter 16, “Won’t Look Back” by Geowulf

Douglas plans dinner, hears from an old acquaintance, contacts Dr. Frisk. Nigel reads his poem, “Rocket”. Mr. Ross reads Chapter 16 of HARD WATER. Geowulf performs “Won’t Look Back”.

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72nd Street crooner, Mr. Ross reads 14 and 15, The Mick Mahoney Band

“Unforgettable” by the 72nd Street crooner; Mr. Ross reads Chapters 14 amd 15 of HARD WATER; “Looking for Somebody” by The Mick Mahoney Band.

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